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Company for Aviation and High Technology Integrator for Indonesia

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Aerotechnica adalah Perusahaan Penerbangan dan Perusahaan Simulator di Indonesia

Aviation Company Industry

Aerotechnica as Company for Digital and High Technology for Aviation Company Industry 

always has been at the forefront of innovating new technologies, with a pioneering spirit that has redefined the aerospace industry. Our products bring people closer together, helping them unite and progress. We strive to continually push the boundaries on what is possible to safeguard our world for future generations.

Perusahaan Penerbangan

Sebagai Perusahaan Penerbangan dan Perusahaan di Indonesia Aerotechnica melangkah maju bersama vendor kelas dunia untuk menghasilkan produk terbaik untuk Peralatan Komunikasi Navigasi Surveillance Air Traffic Management CNS/ATM dan sistem penunjang Penerbangan

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Sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world


Together with the Government to develop a good and safe Airspace for flights in Indonesia


Airport and Security Systems for aircraft and customer service


Technology is the key to a better future creating sophisticated and advanced digital systems

Perusahaan Penerbangan

Perusahaan Penerbangan yang membangun sistem Penerbangan dan Transportasi di Indonesia, dengan dukungan tenaga ahli yang handal dan pabrikan perusahaan penerbangan dari seluruh dunia kami hadir bersama membangun penerbangan.


Telah 10 Tahun Aerotechnica membangun industri perusahaan penerbangan Indonesia menciptakan keamanan dan keselamatan penerbangan Indonesia

Technology Engineering

Information Technology

Information technology is the use of any computers, storage, networking and other physical devices, infrastructure and processes to create, process, store, secure and exchange all forms of electronic data.  The commercial use of IT encompasses both computer technology and telecommunications.

Perusahaan IT Information Technology membangun sistem dan infrastruktur IT diseluruh wilayah.

Research Invent

Technology is always at the forefront of discovering and developing systems for future progress

Aerotechnica is always developing with partners around the world for more reliable technology

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aerotechnica perusahaan simulator

Perusahaan Simulator

Company Simulator for the whole Sector.

Build an integrated Simulator system for all systems in Indonesia, supported by Simulator manufacturers from all over the world

Perusahaan Simulator untuk seluruh Sektor.

Membangun sistem Simulator terpadu untuk seluruh sistem di Indonesia, didukung oleh Pabrikan manufakturing Simulator dari seluruh dunia


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